Current Projects

Dismantling Deficit Thinking in Academic Libraries
Book Project –

Currently writing a book entitled Dismantling Deficit Thinking in Academic Libraries with Rosan Mitola and Erin Rino. Students come to universities with identities, knowledge, and lived experiences that contribute to their success. They offer unique viewpoints and enrich the spaces they inhabit through their differences. However, educators often default to deficit thinking, an unintentionally harmful mindset that aims to support students by attempting to “fix” their perceived shortcomings. Dismantling Deficit Thinking in Academic Libraries weaves theory, practice, and reflection to introduce deficit thinking and provide alternative strategies and pedagogical frames that have the power to transform our work with students. Under contract with Library Juice Press.


The Librarian Parlor

The Librarian Parlor (aka LibParlor or #libparlor) is a space to have conversations, share expertise, and ask questions about conducting and publishing research and scholarship in the field of library and information science. This project was developed collaboratively with Hailley Fargo, Katlyn Griffin, and Charissa Powell.

Improving Wikipedia

Description of how we set up our art+feminism edit-a-thon is available in this blogpost here: blogpost

Materials from various edit-a-thons are available below:

  • Indigenous People and Communities – November 2019 materials available soon
  • Art+Feminism – WOC Artists – March 2019 materials
  • From Stonewall to Selena – LGBTQ+ and Latinx – October 2018 materials
  • Art+Feminism – WOC Artists – February 2018 materials